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Daniel Friedberg

Daniel Friedberg was born and raised in New York.  As a child, he became fascinated with the history and art of cinema and developed a passion for telling stories through moving images. 

During his teenage years, Daniel studied photography and began shooting short experimental films which led him  to getting a scholarship to Rockport College (Maine Media College).  After graduating from Rockport with an Associate of Arts Degree in Filmmaking, Daniel continued his education in film at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

At SCAD, Daniel was awarded the Francis Larkin McCommon Scholarship and entered the Film and Television Program with a focus on Cinematography.  He graduated from SCAD in 2010, with an MA in Film and a BFA in Production Design.


During college, Daniel started working in the film industry as a camera assistant.  In 2017 Daniel was selected as an Emerging Cinematographer Honoree awarded by the International Cinematography Guild.  Over the past several years,  he has become full time Cinematographer.  involving feature film work several TV shows as well as national commercial spots and second unit work and .

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